【FUJIYAMA SUNRISE】世界ドリームプロジェクト ✕ Red Bull Can You Make It?



  私たち”FUJIYAMA SUNRISE”は、世界中の人々の夢や笑顔をシェアする「世界ドリームプロジェクト」のメンバーとして活動しています。最近はテロや紛争等の悲しいニュースを耳にする現代社会ですが、この世界にはまだまだ明るいところがあるということを世界中の人々に届けたくて活動を行なっています。チームが結成され、これまで世界26カ国637人の夢をメンバーで集めてきました。



  We are the FUJIYAMA SUNRISE team! Our team actually consists of the members of The World Dream Project. Today we often hear sad news about terrorism and conflicts around the world, however, there are many other bright and positive happenings worldwide as well.
The aim of this project is to spread good news to many people all over the world by sharing our dreams and stories of success with our smiles. Since we were organized, we have met 637 people from 26 nations, interviewed them and shared their dreams and smiles with many others over the internet.
  If we’re chosen, we would be very grateful to talk about our dreams and positive experiences with people in Europe and the many other wonderful teams! We would like to spread the positive information we collect with people all over the world in hope that it will make more people smile.
We also forward to meeting new people and sharing their dreams in Europe!








【投票期間】2018年2月15日 午前8時〜

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